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What an honour and delight to judge at this lovely Club Open Show; renowned for its warm welcome and first class hospitality – we were certainly very well looked after all day. I have to especially thank Margaret and Christine my stewards, who were amazing.  

I had an excellent entry of Gordons (thank you everyone), and have to commend the temperament of all of them. I must comment on handling. I was astounded so many of the youngsters were nearly impossible to assess owing to their complete lack of basic training. I don’t expect puppies to be robotic – it’s very endearing to see a naughty puppy – however some basic manners and control is necessary; you spend a lot of time and money on your hobby - putting in basic training will help you reap success. It was extremely disappointing to see a lot of the youngers (and, I might add, some of the older exhibits) being choked, pulling their handlers around on tight leads – some basic training could easily sort this out and make the whole experience more enjoyable for dog and handler. As will have become apparent during my judging, movement is very important to me and it is extremely difficult to assess a dog which is pulling onto the lead, or being too tightly strung up. I will admit I was rather disappointed in the lack of depth of quality in the puppy classes, personally I feel this could pose a worry as to where the breed is going in the future.

Special Vintage D/B (3)

1.Liric Tuxedo Rag. A sprightly chap with bags of life about him, what a joy to see such vivacity at grand age. Nicely headed, he has strength in topline and a well set on tail. Moves out with purpose, using his balanced construction to advantage. Present in first class order – good muscle and a tidy coat to complete the picture.  

2.Melkinmere Elterhow. Good breed type to this b, who is balanced in her construction throughout. Liked her balance of skull, eye shape and colour and set of ear. Stands on good feet. Tan rather pale. Can still move out with positivity. 3.Beminah Sweet Dreams.

VD (4)  

1.Ch Liric Souvenir. Quality male, just into veteran. Appeals in head proportions and overall balance throughout. Certainly presents a rugged outline. Good depth to brisket, and has length of rib and strength in topline. Super width of thigh and development of second thigh which allows him to stand and move strongly on his hocks. Covers the ground well going around, BVIS.  

2. Brooke’s Shadow Mover. Another exhibit putting up a good performance, this d was presented in first class order and showed himself off very well. Not the head or front assembly of the winner, however a decent honest sort standing on super feet and presented very well.  3 Somerled Glen Urquhart.

PD (7)

This was a challenge of a class, varied quality and shapes and many of the exhibits hadn’t been correctly trained.  

1.Liric Just the Ticket. Quality young male with a playful attitude but knew his job and performed well. Head coming along the right lines, he has a clean outline stood up and plenty of type. Great body and ribbing, and a strong topline. Has the correct amount of bone and substance for his age. Good width behind and stands on good feet. Needs to settle in front action, but plenty of time for that. BPIS.  

2.Balnakeil Beinn Corradail of Blairbelles. Taller and rangier than the winner but this young d moved out well with a correct length of stride. Has useful enough construction at both ends, which he uses to his advantage, however needs to develop in brisket and deepen out. Would prefer a bit more body on him, but he’s going through a rangy stage. Very nicely handled.  3 Paradise Scots Blaeyberry for Glenmoss.  


JD (4)

 1. Yennadon Calvay. Has really come on since the last time I judged him, and here was an effervescent youngster who knew his job and was handled to advantage. Head is coming on nicely, he has good eyes and a well set ear. Excels in topline, tailset and feet. Presented in first class order, he is immaculate. Good colour. Best Junior.  

2. Colquhally Major Tom. Longer cast than the winner and a bit unsettled in this environment today, but good type and lots of breed qualities to this young chap. Liked his expression and dark well shaped eyes. Good shoulder, topline, and tailset. Deep enough in brisket, and strong in the loin. Well angled and muscled quarters enabled a strong driving action going away. Super colour.  3 Balnakeil Beinn Corradail of Blairbelles.


YD (2)  

1.Yennadon Calvay.  

2.Lainnireach Pride. This handler did a great job for his first show, more practice and slowing down a bit will help things along. Smaller d who needs time to grow on and mature, but has a good enough head and topline. Stands on neat feet.  

ND (3)  

1.Benbuie Thorntree. Lovely type of d who is maturing on well. He has a lovely head and eye, with balance of skull and muzzle proportions. Excellent tan. Developing well in forechest and ribbing and has a solid topline. Well angled behind, he is turned out in first class order and hard condition. Would just like to see less weight over his shoulders. Best Novice.  

2.Lainnireach Pride

 3 Hernwood Xmas Drummer at Ashheys.  

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