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Mid Limit -  5 entries, 1 absent

1.  Melville -  Tsruhnova Tarkheena JW, another pretty, feminine bitch shown in lovely coat and condition.   Appealing head with good skull shape and dark eye, strong bone and good overall size and substance.   Compact body, deep chest, really used her well angulated hindquarters and slashing tail on the move.   

2.  Vassie -  Florcott Sherilyn Bonnie

3.  Smith -  Clacorick Scottish Lilt

4.  Rance -  Yennadon Roseisle

Limit -  5 entries

1. Watson & Roberts -  Kyuna Believe In Magic By Moonglade JW, mature bitch, very well put together and shown in excellent correct coat and gleaming condition.   Appealing head proportions with dark eye, strong muzzle and deep, rich tan markings.  Very good front with correct forechest and upperarm, deep body, well ribbed back, short loin and correct topline and croup.   Very sound, I would  like more animation on the move.

2.  Ackerley-Kemp -  Yennadon Reiver, another very good bitch from a smaller mould than 1, typical head though longer muzzle and lighter eye.   Very good bone and feet, deep short coupled body and well muscled hindquarters and short tail.   Moved really well, just needs a bit more coat to complete the picture.

3.  Reid -  Diersett Sesto Elemento

4.  Rance -  Yennadon Roseisle

5.  Beese -  Lainnireach Liberty Bell At Ashheys

Open -  4 entries

1.  Collins-Pitman -  Amscot Love Is In The Air JW WW’18, eyecatching bitch who exudes quality and style, the correct size and amount of substance and presented to advantage in full coat.  She was on top form today and had to be to win this class.  Feminine refined head with correct skull shape, defined stop and lips, dark eyes and intelligent expression.  Good body shape and angulation throughout. Happy, enthusiastic and sound on the move with superb head carriage.  She is still very young so is a really exciting prospect for the future.   Difficult decision for Best in Show against the more finished male, both are such high quality exhibits but on the day my thought was that she fully represents the essence of what I look for in the breed.    

2.  Palliser & Robson -  Sh Ch Lignum Tornado JW, this top quality bitch has a mind of her own, she doesn’t make it easy for her handler who does a great job presenting her to advantage.   Striking profile outline and so well balanced overall.   Appealing, well proportioned head with lovely dark eyes and low set ears.   Super bone and substance throughout, good feet and lovely rich tan.  Ideal angulation front and rear, perfect body shape, short back and correct croup and tailset.   Strong, stylish and sound on the move.

Reserve C.C.    

3.  Boxall -  Sh Ch Laurelhach Entrapment JW

4.  Melville -  Kilnrae Party Time At Tsruhnova

Champion -  2 entries, 1 absent

1.  Osborn -  Sh Ch Amscot Siena Spice JW, beautiful bitch, very elegant and presented in lovely coat and condition.   Refined head, long neck, excels in shoulders and forechest, deep, well sprung ribs, short coupled and short from hock to heel.   Preferred croup and tailset of my top winners.  Went well using her short tail.

Veteran -  5 entries, 1 absent

1.  Johnson -  Laurelhach Lightning At Glenquin, quality bitch, in great coat and condition.  Very feminine and elegant and still moving well.   Lovely head, neck and topline, good angulation and body proportions throughout.

2.  Wrigley -  Kattandale Tri Nations, more old fashioned type, strongly made with compact body and super bone.   Very appealing head with dark eyes and soft expression.   Moved very soundly.

3.  Gray -  Birniehill High River

4.  Bell -  Clohass Caoldair At Blairbelles

Special Vintage -  4 entries, 1 absent

1.  George-Plunkett -  Melkinmere Elterhow, another more traditional Gordon with such a lovely head and expression.   Great bone and substance, lovely front, strong body and good hindquarters.   Moved out well.

2.  Cuthbertson -  Gaidheal Tosca Of Lainnireach,  lovely oldie with similar attributes to 1, little to choose.

3.  Povey -  Balnakeil An Caisteal

Field Trial -  0 entries                                                                          Special Beginners -  0 entries

Brace -  6 entries, 1 absent

1.  Miller, very well matched pair, schooled to perfection.

2.  McQuillan, so alike and went well.

3.  Melville

4.  Reid

5.  Halliday

Team -  0 entries       Progeny -  1 entry    .  Smith -  Yennadon Carrick Of Clacorick, what a wonderful sight - all so similar in type.