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Minor Puppy -  2 entries

1.  McDermott =  Foresters Have A Vision Of Darkmoor At Drumlace, only six months and a real baby, she was very composed and sound on the move.   Sweet, feminine head, well constructed throughout, particularly liked her topline and hindquarters.  

2.  McNeil -  Woodland Hoppers Evening Star Over Barrabrae (Imp HRV), rangier puppy, quite narrow in head with longer muzzle, dark eye and appealing expression,   Good shoulders, deep chest, good topline and tailset and well angulated hindquarters.   A bit unsettled on the move and slightly close behind.

Puppy -  3 entries

1.  Cuthbertson -  Lainnireach Angels Share, lovely puppy, at the correct stage of development for her age and so sound.  Appealing head, with good skull shape, defined stop, lean cheeks and dark eye.   Very good bone and well made throughout.   Went really well on the move, keeping her topline and using her tail.  I was delighted to award her Best Puppy in Show.

2.  Smith -  Palangor Moonlight Sky, another good puppy, taller than 1 and lost out in bone and front today.   Pretty, feminine head, deep chest, compact body, good topline and tail, went well on the move.

3.  McNeil -  Woodland Hoppers Evening Star Over Barrabrae (Imp HRV)

Junior -  6 entries, 1 absent

Close decisions in this good class

1.  Hall -  Melview Phoenix, this youngster didn’t put a foot wrong and this clinched the class.  Appealing head shape, lovely flow from neck, through topline and tailset, good front and strong hindquarters, moved very soundly.  Very good colour and correct coat.      

2.  Reid -  Deirsett Irridium, slightly more mature in body than winner and very similar in construction.  Pretty head, adequate bone, lovely coat and colour .   Very sound on the move but wasn’t quite as fluid as my winner today.

3.  Johnson -  Glenquinn Phoenix

4.  Warren -  Benbuie Quantum of Solace

Yearling -  4 entries

1.  Marsh -  Lignum Black Lightning At Kilnrae, this pretty bitch really took my eye, she has some maturing to do but she has style and quality.  Beautifully shaped head, well chiselled with dark eye and good tan.  Lovely balanced outline, good bone, deep chest, well ribbed back, well angulated behind and short from hock to heel.  Sound, powerful mover.     

2.  Hall -  Melview Phoenix

3.  Reid -  Diersett Irridium

4.  Roberts & Watson -  Kyuna Dream of Magic At Moonglade

Novice -  2 entries, 1 absent

1.  Reid -  Diersett Irridium

Undergraduate -  2 entries

1.  Hall -  Melview Phoenix

2.  Millar -  Balnakeil Carn Na Criche, very raw youngster with well shaped head, sweet expression and lovely tan.  Body needs to fill out and looking leggy at the moment.    

Graduate -  8 entries

1.  Marsh -  Lignum Black Lightning At Kilnrae

2.  Lloyd -  Yennadon Caolila Of Myreside, very compact, pretty bitch with good tan, her super movement earned her this place in this good class.   Good head, well angulated front and rear, held her topline and used her tail on the move.

3.  Gray -  Birniehill High Flyer

4.  McQuillan -  Kelsnnor Kissin Dynamite

5.  Burke -  Ecameadow Angelica

Post Graduate -  13 entries, 2 absent

This was a quality PG class, not easy to sort out as all those present had the merits to warrant a place.

1.  McQuillan -  Kelsnnor Scarlet Jezebel, strongly made, well boned, mature bitch with beautiful, perfectly proportioned head of the old fashioned type so rarely seen now.  Medium brown eyes, low set ears and good tan.  Strong neck, deep, short coupled, compact body, well muscled hindquarters and short tail. Very sound and strong on the move and handled to advantage.

2.  Vassie -  Florcott Sherilyn Bonnie, smaller bitch overall but very similar in shape.   Very pretty, feminine head and lovely tan.   Mature body, good topline and tailset, not quite the hind angulation of my winner but moved and presented well.

3.  Wrigley -  Kattandale Black Fern (AI)

4.  Smith -  Clacorick Scottish Lilt

5.  Ackerley-Kemp -  Yennadon Glenlossie