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Mid Limit -  7 entries, 2 absent

1.  Melville -  Tsruhnova Tumnus JW, eyecatching dog, liked his head shape but could have a darker eye.  Long neck, shoulders ok, deep rib and chest, very good topline and set of croup, very well angulated hindquarters, moved soundly and stylishly.  

2.  Hill – Liric Liquid Gold At Somerled, close up to winner, just lacked his style on the move.  More compact mature dog with a beautiful head and expression and lovely correct coat and colour.  Very good body proportions, good forehand, deep chest, short loin and strong hindquarters.  So sound on the move.

3.  Millar -  Brookes Shadow Mover

4.  MacGregor =  Somerled Glen Urquart

5.  Sheilds -  Florcott Inchtavannach Lad

Limit -  6 entries, 1 absent

Splitting hairs in this class, five quality dogs present, all worthy of winning at this level.

1.  Hall -  Melview Moving Time JW, very sound, balanced Gordon excelling in breed type.  Lovely shiny coat and good colour.  Quality head of correct proportions, dark eye and appealing expression.  Really good front assembly, deep compact body, strong hindquarters.   Moved very well with good tail action.  He is a typical slow maturing dog who still needs time to come to his best and today I thought he lacked the maturity of the older dogs in the challenge.        

2.  Warren -  Benbuie Secret Agent JW, another very good dog who appeals in profile shape, although he can dip slightly behind the shoulder in stance.   He has a beautiful head, one of the best today and excels in bone and substance.  Very strong limbs with good feet and correct angulation fore and aft.   Mature body and good tail set and carriage.   He could be more positive and drive more on the move.   

3.  Horn -  Lignum Master Marlin At Keaswood JW

4.  George-Plunkett -  Melkinmere Hallinhow

5.  McAvoy -  Laurelhach Bemm

Open -  4 entries

1.  Boxall -  Sh Ch Ludstar Frederick Frankenstein (Imp It)  I last judged this dog 5 years ago at Crufts when he was a raw youngster and was delighted to have another chance.  He has matured well, has wonderful presence and combines great strength with quality and style. A bit more of him all over than I prefer but from nose to tail everything ”fits” and he is a lovely dog to go over.  He has a  higher tail set and flatter pelvis than most but his topline is strong and level, as is his tail carriage, and his back short.  His head is masculine yet refined with the darkest eyes and an appealing expression.   He looks every bit as good on the move as he does standing, covering the ground on a long stride and is a sound as a bell.   C.C. and Reserve Best in Show.    

2.  Burke -  Ecameadow The Explorer, handsome, mature dog, very unlucky to meet the winner today.  I really liked his type, an old fashioned traditional Gordon.   Very appealing typical head with kind expression and low set ears.   Strong neck, correct forehand, deep, compact body, well ribbed back, unexaggerated hindquarters and short tail.  He moved very soundly but just lost composure in the final run off.  Worthy winner of the Reserve C.C.

3.  Ness – Sh Ch Liric Souvenir JW

4.  Robson -  Liric For Your Eyes Only By Yohenoak JW

Champion -  2 entries, 1 absent

1.  Ness -  Sh Ch Liric Souvenir, his owner told me after judging that this dog is now a Champion, a great achievement, he is a worthy title holder.  Well shaped head, great substance and mature body with excellent topline.   He has good front and rear angulation and he moved very soundly.   Today his coat wasn’t in the best condition and his colour is beginning to fade.

Veteran -  1 entry, 1 absent

Special Vintage -  3 entries, 1 absent

1.  Halliday -  Ch Yennadon The Druid JW,  it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to judge this dog again, he still has a lovely profile and at eleven and a half he is in great condition, a credit to his owner.   Strong head with appealing expression, super bone and feet, lovely neck and shoulders, with deep chest and well ribbed back.   He still uses his hindquarters well on the move and obviously enjoys himself, slashing his tail as he goes.   Best Veteran in Show.  

2.  Smith -  Yennadon Carrick Of Clacorick, another happy boy, at twelve he is showing his years now but still holding his topline and wagging his tail.   Typical unexaggerated Gordon.

Field Trial -  1 entry

1.  Halliday -  Yennadon Reiss   Workmanlike dog, built to do the job he was meant for.   A bit broad in skull and lacking flew but very well constructed which showed in his sound, driving movement.   Really uses his tail on the move.   Great bone and feet and good colour.    

Special Beginners -  0 entries