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Thank you to the members of this Club who voted for me and to those who entered and turned up on the day, I had a lovely entry, both numerically and quality wise, at a time when we are seeing falling entries at so many shows, and it was very much appreciated.   I was looking forward to judging outside, it’s a while since I’ve done so, I think Gordons look and move so much better on grass.   The weather conditions were challenging to say the least, it was bitterly cold and the wind was blustery, particularly in the morning.   I appreciate the exhibitors’ willingness to be judged outside and acknowledge that it may have affected the performance of some of the dogs, mainly in the earlier classes.  Thanks also to Christine and George Burton, my stewards for all their help on the day and the Club for their hospitality.

                                                                                                                                                   Rhona Frew


Minor Puppy  0 entries

Puppy 3 entries  

Little to choose between these youngsters, all very raw as one would expect.

1.   Danks -  Colquhally Major Tom, most forward development in this class.  Masculine head with strong skull and deep muzzle, good eye shape and colour, very good neck and shoulders, deep chest and good tailset.   Can lose his topline slightly when he’s not cooperating with his handler but the wind didn’t help today. Used his hindquarters really well on the move and very sound.   Lovely clear tan.   

2.  Smith -  Palangor Moonlight Shadow, compact puppy, immature but shows promise.   Well shaped head although a bit plain at the moment, good depth, topline and hindquarters, lovely colour.   Moved soundly and steadily.

3.  Bain -  Palangor Echo at Pangarak

Junior 3 entries

1.  Roberts -  Cairacailie Spice of Life, liked this youngster a lot but not co-operating with his handler.  Beautiful quality head, deep rather than broad, defined stop, dark eye, lean cheeks and low set ears.  Correct overall size with good bone and lovely coat.   Good front, body proportions and strong, well muscled hindquarters.   His topline is level when relaxed but is a bit like a coiled spring when he wants to go.  Moved soundly if a bit erratic at times.

2.  Whiting -  Locksheath Black Ice, raw youngster but shows promise.   Broader head, lacking the quality of 1.   Great bone and substance, good front, level topline, strong short loin and correct croup.   Moved steadily but a bit close going away.

3.  Danks -  Colquhally Major Tom

Yearling  2 entries

1.  McDermott -  Foresters Fair Player of Darkmoor At Drumlace, compact dog with good substance.   Well proportioned head with pleasing skull shape and deep muzzle, dark eye and good earset.  Very well angulated front and rear, deep chest, well ribbed, excellent topline and tailset.   Really covers the ground on the move.   His feet could be tighter and colour a bit muddy.

2.  Munro -  Hernwood Northern Adonis Of Dulmar, unfortunately a bit unsettled today. Handsome dog with appealing head, lovely coat and good colour.  Plenty of bone, good feet.  Well put together with level topline and excellent body properties.   He looked good on the move when he relaxed.


Novice  0 entries

Undergraduate 0 entries

Graduate  2 entries, 1 absent

1.  Munro -  Hernwood Northern Adonis

Post Graduate -  6 entries, 1 absent

This was an interesting class to sort out, all had their merits but movement was mixed.  

1.  Miller -  Rhum Night Legend ShCM, difficult to fault on the move and easily the best mover in this class today.   His head is not typical, lacking stop and depth of muzzle and he is quite throaty, however he has a dark eye and kind expression.  Mature body, longer ribcage than 2.  Very firm in topline, well set slashing tail and excellent, well muscled hindquarters.  Lovely coat and condition, well presented and handled.

 2.  Johnston -  Gordon-Sett Style Heartbreaker For Glenquin (Imp), very close decision, preferred this dog’s head, refined but masculine with good stop, correct skull shape and deep muzzle.  Well angulated front with prominent forechest, short coupled and good hindquarters.   Firm topline but slightly sloping today when he was pulling against his handler.    

3.  Millar -  Yennadon Benriach JW

4.  Wrigley -  Kattandale Canterbury (AI)

5.  Cuthbertson -  Lainnireach Buttons