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Critique - Bitches

Minor Puppy Bitch : 1

1.Alcorn, Crowther & Baddeley Lourdace Temptation, Such a sweetie, balanced  with good substance for her age and a sweet well defined head, everything in the right place, moved out with confidence once she understood the task, one to watch.

Puppy Bitch : 5

1.Melville  Tsruhnova Tarkheena,  BPIS, Balanced mature Gordon bitch outline with good bone and substance, liked her width & depth of forechest & brisket. Head a little plain at the moment but of good proportions, time is on her side for this to develop, dark kind eye, good ear set. Clean well arched neck into laid back shoulders, elbows  well under her . Strong topline which she held standing & moving, correct hind angulation moved with flair & purpose.   

2. Alcorn, Crowther & Baddeley  Lourdace Temptation

3. McQuillan  Kelsnnor Kissin Dynamite

Res. Collingborn  Graylacier Celtic Angel

VHC. Wigley  Kelsnnor Touch Too Much

Junior Bitch 8

1.Melville  Tsruhnova Tarkheena

2. McQuillan  Kelsnnor Kissin Dynamite,  Liked her head and expression, not as mature in body or coat as 1, well off for bone, tight feet and correct depth to length body proportions, moved well, tan a little bright for me, just needs time.  

3. Pearce  Mosscript Caol Ila At Ardnadam

Res. Harrison  Paradise Final Fantasy

VHC. Collingborn  Graylacier Celtic Angel

Yearling Bitch : 8

1.Palliser & Robson Lignum Tornado  JW, One to watch, I liked her unexaggerated but stylish conformation in every way, feminine head with correct proportions with lots of work in it for her age, low ear set, clean arched neck into correct shoulders with a good length of upper arm, nice fore chest , well bodied  & strong in loin, good topline on the move, well-constructed hind quarters . In excellent coat, very true on the move, pushed hard for top honours.

2.Sandiford & Keens Hernwood Luna Eclipse  JW, Different type to 1 , not the work and finer in head, pleasing expression, good angulation fore & aft with deep stifles, a little longer cast than I would like, moved well, presented in good coat & condition.

3.Palliser  Lignum Whirlwind JW

Res.Harrison  Paradise Final Fling

VHC.Ludstar Isabella Laurelhach (Imp  ITA)

Novice Bitch 7 (2)

1. Melville  Tsruhnova Tarkheena

2. Alcorn, Crowther & Baddeley  Lourdace Temptation

3.Harrison  Paradise Final Fantasy

Res. Champness  Rosemullion Philomel

Undergraduate Bitch : 2

1. Pearce  Mosscript Caol Ila At Ardnadam, 3rd in Junior and more settled in this class, liked her type, well off for bone and substance, feminine in head and expression, good angulation to her quarters and strong topline. Moved out well , good colour.

2. Harrison  Paradise Final Fling, Good in skull shape and proportion a little long in foreface with cheeks needing to develop, good body, strong hind quarters with a good bend of stifle, needs time to mature, moved well.


Graduate Bitch : 6 (1)

1. Palliser & Robson Lignum Tornado JW

2. Palliser Lignum Whirlwind JW, Preferred the more defined head of her sister but, very similar in body shape and type. A little stronger in body proportions, in good coat a little more settled than her sister today, moved out well.   

3. Smith  Clacorick Scottish Lilt

Res. Vassie  Florcott Sherilyn Bonnie

VHC. Kerr   Lainnireach Smokey Rose At Rhinns

Post Graduate Bitch 11 (2)

1. Collingborn  Graylacier Princess Sophia RL2, Nothing exaggerated about this girl, a good size and well bodied, head of correct proportions with a sweet expression, dark eye and low ear set, clean well arched neck into correct shoulders ample depth and rib, good bend of stifle, in lovely coat with a rich tan, moved well, handler needs to be more confident to give her more joie de vivre.

2. Reid  Diersett Sesto Elemento, Larger in type to 1 but balanced, head of good proportions with correct tan markings.  Good length of upper arm correct shoulders, deep in chest & loin well developed hind quarters, moved well, not in her best coat today .

3. Ackerley-Kemp  Yennadon Reiver

Res. Smith  Clacorick Scottish Lilt

VHC. McQuillan   Kelsnnor Scarlet Jezebel

Mid Limit Bitch 1

1. McQuillan   Kelsnnor Scarlet Jezebel, A sweet headed bitch with good angulation fore & aft  but a little long in body proportions so not as balanced as I would like. Kind eye good colour, moved freely.

Limit Bitch 12 (3)

1. Frew  Dunfionn Rysa, A mature bitch with a happy disposition, balanced outline, well-proportioned head with a kind dark eye,  well off for bone and coat, correct angulation for & aft. She is strong with a deep brisket and level topline, she moved out well to win this class, in the challenge her close hind movement let her down.    

2.   Kilnrae Party Time, Not quite as mature as the winner and I would prefer a little more work to her head but saying that it is of good proportion, she has a good topline and adequate angulation fore & aft. Lovely colour, a little more coat would complete the picture. She moved well and used her tail correctly

3. McNeil   Birniehill High Light For Barrabrae

Res. Jamieson  & Macara Glenfinnan Dreamlover

VHC.  Smith Glenkinchie Soul Star

Open Bitch : 5 (2)

1. Caulfield  Sh Ch Hernwood Black Pearl ShCM,  RCC, A lovely example of the breed, well-proportioned mature body & head with a kind dark eye, low set ears, straight in front with plenty of fore chest,  good reach of neck which flowed into well placed shoulders, deep in brisket & rib strong in loin, in good coat and has a deep chestnut tan, carrying a little too much weight today making her roll on the move but she was stylish, sound and true.

2. Macara  Sh Ch Cromasaig Bedazzled JW, Different in type & a little out of coat so not as balanced today as the winner. She has a slightly stronger but well-proportioned head with a kind expression she has lovely low set ears .  She is not quite as clean over her shoulders as I would like but a good width to her chest, she is deep in brisket & rib and has a lovely width to her hind construction with flat bone throughout, she drove round the ring using her tail.   

3. Ackerley-Kemp  Yennadon Malin

Veteran Bitch: 4 (1)

1. Moore  Gadhelic Spirit Of The Celt JW  CC, BOS, Res BIS As a slow maturing breed she has got there now !  Another Weight Carrying Hunter & Gordon Setter she is built for endurance not speed and stands over the ground on firm feet. Pleasing head proportions with a kind accepting eye, low set on ears, clean neck into laid back shoulders, straight and well developed front with elbows let down & under her, correct flat bone, she is deep in brisket back rib, correct & strong in loin and holds a steady topline. She moves with a ground covering pace propelled by her well-constructed rear, she has a good colour and enough coat to complete the picture.

2. Reid  Dunfionn Morar At Diersett, at 9yrs she can still show them, well made with a pleasing head, well off for bone good tight feet, well angulated throughout, moved soundly &  freely

3. Cuthbertson  Lainnireach Whisky Lass

Special Vintage Bitch: 6 (4)

Both these girlies were carrying a little too much weight which showed in their dropped toplines & movement either too sluggish or a little unsound but at 10 & 10.5 I accepted this.  Both had lovely head proportions with soft appealing expressions, both had correct bone, good feet and short hocks.

1. Cuthbertson  Gaidheal Tosca Of Lainnireach,

2. McErlean  Carrochan Suilvenbeag

Field Trial Bitch : 2

1. Ackerley-Kemp  Yennadon Time For Daisy,  Smaller in type with a sweet balanced head and intelligent expression, good front assembly with plenty of heart & lung room, well-muscled throughout , short in back stood a little wide behind but moved well.

2. Smith  Yennadon Fairisle Of Clacorick, Loved her head and type, good shoulder placement straight in front with good lay of shoulder and has a  well-developed rear, in good coat, not as true as 1 on the move today, shame !