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Gordon Setter Club of Scotland Championship Show 6th May 2017

Judge Sonja Upton-Lovett

I would like to thank the GSCS for a lovely day, your show is so lucky to have such a fantastic back drop set at the bottom of Alva Glen and it’s even better when the sun shines all day.  Thank you to all the exhibitors for taking my decisions in good spirit, I am sure that many of you will be swapping places over the years.

Minor Puppy Dog  (1,1)

Puppy Dog  : 2

1. Melville   Tsruhnova Tumnus, A rangy upstanding young boy that just needs to fill out for balance, masculine head that still needs to break but it’s all there, with a kind dark eye , good arch & length to his neck leading to correct shoulders, correct flat bone, well-constructed hind quarters which will continue to develop with maturity  good colour, moved steadily showing extension and drive keeping his topline.

2. Knight Benbuie Thorntree, preferred the slightly longer head shape & outline of 1 but a dog with good substance and plenty of bone, well constructed throughout moved true with drive, lovely coat with a good colour.

Junior Dog: 6

1.Fuller   Rosemullion  Braganza (AI) An upstanding dog that is maturing welI, loved his muscular setter outline. Correct bone, pleasing masculine but not overly strong head and kind expression, strong neck into correct shoulders good depth with plenty of lung room, level topline. Tight feet, strong pasterns well angulated hind quarters with a good width across his second thigh, moved well, handler could do with striding out to give him more length of stride.   

2.Melville   Tsruhnova Tumnus

3.Justice & Ford Liric Fusilier With Shillay JW

Res.Halliday   Yennadon Kyllachy

VHC. Sinclair  Lachmhor Serendipity For Siochial (Imp HRV)

Yearling Dog : 4

1.Fuller   Rosemullion Braganza (AI)

2.Abba   Hernwood Summer Lovin,  Preferred the head shape & overall balance of 1 but another dog with a Gordon outline, tight feet, well let down elbows plenty of depth and strength to this front, just need to develop behind to finish the picture, moved well, tan could be clearer .  

3.Halliday   Yennadon Kyllachy

Res.Munro  Hernwood Man O’War From Dulmaur

Novice Dog : 4

1.Melville  Tsruhnova Tumnus

2.Danks  Kintalis Winter Ice Diamond, A good size dog shorter coupled than 1, for me his head needed to be a little stronger to balance the picture. Well laid shoulders good length of body but not as strong in topline which tended to slope off standing & on the move. Hind quarters still need development, good coat moved ok.

 3.Halliday  Yennadon Kyllachy

Res.Munro  Hernwood Man O’War From Dulmaur

Undergraduate Dog: 1

1.Fuller  Rosemullion Braganza (AI)

Graduate Dog : 1

1.Halliday  Yennadon Reiss, not an overly large dog but balanced in outline. For me his head is a little broad in back skull and short in foreface giving him a strong keen expression, good forechest,  arched neck into well placed shoulders, well off for depth and back rib, strongly made well muscled rear quarters, lovely tight correct shaped feet, good colour, moved well in tune with his handler.

Post Graduate Dog: 6 (2 abs)

1.Miller  Rhum Night Legend, A balanced good for size setter outline in good coat with correct chestnut tan, lovely kind expression but would prefer a little more depth to his muzzle, well developed chest with good depth & width, flat bone with tight well arched & padded feet, correct angulation fore & aft, moved strongly & true.  

2. Poynter Hernwood Prince Of Thieves, Finer in bone, taller and longer cast than 1, but well angulated, with a level topline, good tail set. Not the head I was looking for and a little throaty but a dark kind eye & expression. Moved with a good length of stride, coat not at its best today.   

3. Yates  Mosscript Balmenach At Gaileach

Res. McGregor   Somerled Glen Urquart

Mid Limit Dog : 6

1.Graham   Clohass Killie Crankie A balanced outline with substance and a classic well proportioned head showing brain room with a kind intelligent expression & dark correct shaped eye. Clean arched neck into wide bladed shoulders, deep with plenty of forechest  & lung room, well ribbed up giving him strength into his loin, well made hind quarters, strong in hock to heel. Shiny black coat with correct colour tan, moved with a good stride but a little close behind.

2.Horn  Lignum Master Marlin At Keaswood JW, Unlucky to meet winner who is 2 yrs older therefore more mature. Lovely size & shape with correct flat bone, head a little too deep in skull for me giving him a deep stop which alters the expression but other qualities outweighed this.  Arched neck into correct shoulders, good depth and lung room, short in loin with a firm topline, well bent stifles, good feet, & colour, moved well but not the drive of 1. Will watch him mature

 3.Poynter   Hernwood Thunderstorm

Res. Miller  Brookes Shadow Mover

VHC. McGregor   Somerled Glen Urquart

Limit Dog : 4

It was very close between1 & 2 , I am sure they will swap places on another day!

1.Ness   Liric Souvenir JW, RCC, Mature Gordon male not overly done in any way, lovely head of correct proportions, soft expression, muscular clean neck into well set shoulders, good depth to length ratios, strong in loin with a level topline stood & on the move. Balanced rear assembly with ample sweep of stifle, short & strong hocks, moved with purpose & reach using his tail correctly, lovely shiny black coat and correct tan.  

2.Robson  Liric For Your Eyes Only By Yohenoak JW, Similar comments as above apply, just preferred the ruggedness  & tail set of of 1 but very close.

3.Danks  Liric Blac Nugget

Res.Green    Balnakeil Beinn A’Chroin

Open Dog : 5

1.Alcorn, Crowther & Baddeley   Sh Ch Lourdace Fulcrum  JW, CC, BIS. Well what can I say other than there is nothing to top this dog, a true Weight Carrying Hunter & Gordon Setter, shown in tip top muscular & coat condition.  I judged him as a puppy & my comment was” hope his head didn’t get any stronger” well it didn’t, everything else caught up with it.  He has a noble well chiselled head with the kindest of expressions and correct ear set, his conformation flows with no exaggerations from the tip of his broad nose to his tail.  A dog with the best of forehands giving him plenty of heart & lung room, good length of rib, strong in loin balanced strong rear assembly. On the move he is a joy to watch with free flowing movement effortless drive & forward extension, in full coat, enjoying his job & at one with his handler.  

2.Smith  Glenkinchie Soul Drifter, A slightly smaller type to 1 & a hard act to follow, I would like a little more length of loin for outline balance.  Well proportioned head with a gentle kind eye with a touch of devilment in his face, straight front, flat bone good lay of shoulders, depth and spring of rib.  Well-muscled rear quarters and good sweep of stifle, good topline on the move which he did well once settled, in good coat.

3.Robson  Sh Ch Laurelhach Limited Edition At Yohenoak

Res.Ford  Sh Ch Liric Special Fanfare With Shillay (AI) JW  ShCM

VHC.Collins-Pitman & Anderson   Black Mystery Phantom Of The Opera By Amscot (Imp CHE)

Veteran Dog : 3

1.Danks  Liric Tuxedo Rag, Typical Gordon with correct bone and classic head shape with good depth & width to muzzle, well balanced in body, good neck & shoulders, well ribbed with lung room, good flow from body to rear assembly and a nice sweep to his stifle, strong hocks covered the ground on the move, in good coat.  

2. Halliday  Ch Yennadon The Druid JW, Lovely body shape and with all the right angles and in excellent muscular condition, plenty of depth and substance to him without being cloddy, just preferred the head proportions of 1. In good coat, moved well.

3.Pearce  Ardnadam Red Kite

Special Vintage Dog : 3

1.Smith  Yennadon Carrick of Clacorick, Age 10.5 and looking great, well angulated with good body proportions. Good front, bone, excellent muscle tone, head masculine but not strong, moved well.  

2.Shields  Liric Regal, Age 10, Liked his head proportions, classic Gordon in outline shape, not moving as well as 1 today.

3.Kerr  Carrochan Dark Storm

Field Trial Dog : 2

1.Halliday  Yennadon Reiss

2. Smith  Yennadon Carrick of Clacorick

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