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Class : Veteran Bitch (4/ 1a)

1 : Gunnery’s Beminah Sweet Dreams, 9 ½ yo. Compact bitch with lovely femine head, a little lacking in coat

these days and showing hear age when on the move but moved out well.

2 : Gray’s Birniehill High River, 7 ½ yo. Longer cast then my first, good construction, clear tan and good bend

of stifle.

Class : Puppy Bitch (4/ 2a)

1 : Millar’s Balnakeil Carn an Criche, 9mo. A tall bitch going through the leggy stage of development presently,

good tight feet with clear tan. Moved out well.

2 : Pallini’s Krisada Elixir for Midnight, 11mo. Similar size to my first, with more feathering throughout as slightly

more mature. Preferred the overall balance of my first.

Class : Junior Bitch (5/ 1a)

1 : Melville’s Tsruhnova Tarkheena. What a beautiful compact bitch, well constructed throughout, no exaggerations, good bend of stifle and covered the ring with good drive. She will be one to watch for the future as she matures.

Well presented and handled.

2 : Tong’s Benbuie Rose Quartz with Kellizlot. Nice construction and moved out ok, needs a bit more time to mature fully.

Class : Yearling Bitch (8/ 1a)

1 : Melville’s Tsruhnova Tarkheena.

2 : McNeil’s Lachmhor Sincerley Yours at Barrabrae. Larger overall than my first, heavily coated, well presented but lost out on movement.

Class : Novice Bitch (2)

1 : McQuillian’s Kelsnnor Kissin Dynamite. Long cast, needs to mature throughout, moved ok

2 : Pearce’s Mosscript Coal Ila at Ardnadam. Nice shape when stood, but gave her handler a tough time on the move, too erratic to fully assess.

Class : Graduate Bitch (9)

1 : Melville’s Tsruhnova Tarkheena.

2 : Yates’ Dunfionn Sanda for Gailiech JW. A more heavy set bitch throughout than my first, prefer a more feminine head. Good construction and depth of forechest. Moved ok.

Class : Post Graduate Bitch (5)

1 : Rand’s Hernwood Summer Eclipse at Kintalis. A superb example of a compact feminine bitch, all in proportion throughout, excellent top line when stood and maintained when on the move with real drive using her tail. Needs some more coat just to finish the picture, but still less than 2 ½ yo, so can only mature and improve. Really pushed for the top award and was surprised to find out that she was from a repeat mating of my Best Bitch choice. Well handled to RBB.

2 : McQuillian’s Kelsnnor Scarlet Jezebel. Larger framed than my first, but all in proportion, moved ok.

Class : Mid-Limit Bitch (4/ 1a)

1 : Williams’ Longrow I love to Boogie JW. A stylish bitch with pretty head and flowing neck leading into a well constructed body, with good forechest and deep rib cage. I have judged her before and placed her well but just didn’t move as positively today to challenge for the top awards.

2 : Collingborn’s Graylacier Princess Sophia RL2. Heavier than my first with nice pencilling on tight feet, less forechest than first

Class : Limit Bitch (8/ 3a)

1 : Green’s Lignum Miss Mossberg for Balnakeil.

Feminine head leading into good reach of neck, good forechest and well muscled. Just didn’t move as steadily as my other class winners to challenge for the top award.

2 : Melville’s Kilnrae party time at Tsruhnova.

Slighter construction throughout than my first, good topline which she held well on the move but again didn’t move as steadily as others

Class : Open Bitch (2)

1 : Caulfields Sh Ch Hernwood Black pearl ShCM.

Absolute Class ! A mature bitch, shown in full gleaming coat and excellently handled. Beautiful head, low set ears leading into her flowing neck, good deep of forechest, just the right amount of coat feathering, good bend of stifle. She moved with real drive and assuredness. I couldn’t look past her for the Best Bitch in show. She just came up an excellent dog on the day for the Best in Show challenge.

2 : Smith’s Yennadon Fairisle of Clacorick.

Class : Progeny (3/ 2a)

1 : Pearce’s Ardnadam Red Kite

Class : Brace (3)

1 : Miller   2: Smith  3 : Gray