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Field Trial Dog or Bitch 2

1. Yennadon Fairisle of Clacorick (Mr & Mrs W Smith)

2. Yennadon Carrick of Clacorick (Mr & Mrs W Smith)

Special Vintage Dog or Bitch  3

1.Yennadon Carrick of Clacorick  (Mr & Mrs W Smith)

2.Carrochan Suilvenbeag (Miss M McErlean)

3.Suilvenmohr Sunna of Carrochan (Miss M McErlean)  - Oldest Exhibit at 14 years 5 months

Veteran Dog 2

1.Liric Tuxedo Rag (Mrs Danks)  

Reserve Best Dog, Best Veteran

2.Arnadam Red Kite  (Mrs Pearce)

Puppy Dog  : 2

1.Yennadon Benriach (Mrs M & Mr N Miller)  Best Puppy

2.Balnakeil Beinn Lair At Lingstubbs  (Miss Graham)

Junior Dog: 4

1.Kattandale Canterbury (AI) (Mrs & Miss Wrigley)

2.Yennadon Benriach (Mrs M & Mr N Miller)

3.Benbuie Thorntree (Mrs D Knight)

4.Tsruhnova Tumnus JW (Mr & Mrs Melville)

Yearling Dog : 4

1.Lachmhor Serendipity For Siochial (Imp HRV) (Miss Sinclair)

2.Kattandale Cantrbury (Mrs & Miss Wrigley)

3.Tsruhnova Tumnus (Mr & Mrs Melville)

Novice Dog : 2

1.Yennadon Benriach (Mrs M & Mr N Miller) Best Novice

2.Kintalis Winter Ice Diamond (Mrs Danks)

Graduate Dog : 5 (1 abs)

1. Rhum Night Legend (Mr & Mrs Miller)  Best Graduate

2. Kattandale Canterbury (Mrs & Miss Wrigley)

3. Tsruhnova Tumnus (Mr & Mrs Melville)

Res. Kintalis Winter Ice Diamond (Mrs Danks)

Post Graduate Dog: 4 (1 abs)

1.Benbuie Secret Agent JW (Miss Warren)

Best In Show, Best Post Graduate

2.Kintalis Love On The Rocks  (Mr & Mrs Rand)

3.Brookes Shadow Mover   (Mr & Mrs Miller)

Mid Limit Dog : 2

1.  Somerled Glen Urquart  (Mrs McGregor)

2.  Florcott Inchtavannich Lad  (Mr & Mrs Shields)

Limit Dog : 2

1. Balnakeil Beinn A’Chron (Mr & Mrs Green) Best Limit

Open Dog : 4 (2)

1.   Liric Souvenir JW ( Mrs Ness) Best Open

2.  Liric Special Tribute To Kellizlot (AI) JW (Tong)

Veteran Bitch 4 (1 abs)

1. Beminah Sweet Dreams  (Mrs Gunnery)

2. Birniehill High River (Ms Gray)

3. Florcott Dubh Donna At Mosscript ( Mr & Mrs Brown)

Puppy Bitch : 4 ( 2 abs)

1.Balnakeil Carn An Criche  (Mrs A Millar)

2.Krisada Elixir For Midnight (Mrs Pallini)

Junior Bitch 5 (1 abs)

1.  Tsruhnova Tarkheena (Mr & Mrs Melville) Best Junior

2. Benbuie Rose Quartz With Kellizlot (Mr & Mrs Tong)

3. Kattandale Black Fern (AI) (Mrs & Miss Wrigley)

4.  Kelsnnor Kissin Dynamite (Mrs McQuillan)

Yearling Bitch : 8 (1 abs)

1.  Tsruhnova Tarkheena (Mr & Mrs Melville) Best Yearling

2. Lachmhor Sincerely Yours At Barrabrae (Imp HRV) (Mr & Mrs McNeil)

3. Benbuie Rose Quartz With Kellizlot (Mr & Mrs Tong)

4. Kattandale Black Fern (AI) (Mrs & Miss Wrigley)

VHC.  Kelsnnor Kissin Dynamite (Mrs McQuillan)

Novice Bitch   : 2

1.  Kelsnnor Kissin Dynamite (Mrs McQuillan)

2.  Mosscript Caol Ila At Ardnadam  (Mrs Pearce)

Graduate Bitch : 9

1.  Tsruhnova Tarkheena (Mr & Mrs Melville)

2. Dunfionn Sanda For Gailiech JW (Mr & Mrs Yates)

3. Florcott Sherilyn Bonnie  (Mrs Vassie)

Res. Yennadon Rose Isle (Miss Rance)

VHC. Birniehill High Flyer (Ms Gray)

Post Graduate Bitch 5

1.Hernwood Summer Eclipse At Kintalis (Mr & Mrs Rand)  Reserve Best Bitch

2.Kelsnnor Scarlet Jezebel (Miss McQuillan)

3. Yennadon Rose Isle (Miss Rance)

Res. Lainnireach Liberty Bell At Ashheys (Mrs Beese)

VHC.  Clacorick Scottish Lilt (Mr & Mrs Smith)

Mid Limit Bitch 4 (1 abs)

1. Longrow I Love To Boogie JW (Mr & Mrs Williams)  

Best Mid Limit

2.  Graylacier Princess Sophia RL2 (Mrs  Collingborn)

3.  Kelsnnor Scarlet Jezebel  (Miss McQuillan)

Limit Bitch 8 (3 abs)

1.Lignum Miss Mossberg For Balnakeil (Mr & Mrs Green)

2. Kilnrae Party Time At Tsruhnova  (Mr & Mrs Melville)

3. Dunfionn Pabay  (Mrs Borthwick)

Res. Birniehill High Light For Barrabrae (Mr & Mrs McNeil)

VHC. Kattandale Tri Nations  (Mrs & Miss Wrigley)

Open Bitch : 2

1. Caulfield  Sh Ch Hernwood Black Pearl ShCM   

Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex

2. Smith  Yennadon Fairisle Of Clacorick

Progeny 3 ( 2 abs)

1. Ardnadam Red Kite (Mrs Pearce)

Brace 3

1. Miller     2. Smith    3. Gray

Open Show 2017

Judge : Craig Davidson ( Glenquest )

Best In Show : Benbuie Secret Agent

Reserve Best In Show : Liric Tuxedo Rag

  Best Opposite Sex : Sh Ch Hernwood Black Pearl ShCM

Best Puppy: Yennadon Benriach

Best Veteran : Liric Tuxedo Rag

Critique - Dogs

  Critique  - Bitches