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Minor Puppy Dog  (3)

1: Scougall Shammas Daimler

2: Moore & Minshull Gadhelic Rainbow Warrior

3: Vick  Edensett Blitzen Benz

Puppy Dog (4)

1: Scougall Shammas Daimler

2: Moore & Minshull Gadhelic Rainbow Warrior

3: Hall Melview Coer De Lion

Res: Vick  Edensett Blitzen Benz

Junior Dog  (11,1)

1: Gill  Diptonia Brahms and Liszt

2: Marsh  Hernwood Dream Miracle of Kilnrae

3: Frew Kenyee Maple of Dunfionn

Res:  McGarry  Ladysdale Jack Daniels At Pepperline

VHC: Johnston  Benagin Prince Of Glencoe

Special Yearling Dog (7,2)

1: Hartley & Elliott  Arborsette Acer Davidii  JW

2: Ness Inkersall Ptarmigan

3: Marsh  Hernwood Dream Miracle of Kilnrae

Res : Frew Kenyee Maple of Dunfionn

Novice Dog  (7,1)

1: Marsh  Hernwood Dream Miracle of Kilnrae

2: Frew Kenyee Maple of Dunfionn

3: McGarry  Ladysdale Jack Daniels At Pepperline

Res: Moran  Melkinmere Blea Rigg At Florcott

VHC: Hall Melview Coer De Lion

Graduate Dog  (7)

1: Tye  Kyuna Dark Crusader Of Tymora

2: Hartley & Elliott  Arborsette Acer Davidii  JW

3: Wilkes Paardeberg St Breward

Res: Ness Inkersall Ptarmigan

VHC Bell Blairbelles Teuchter

Post Graduate Dog (12)

1: Flaxheath Lochsheil

2: Sandiford Hernwood Crystal Peregrine

3: Tye  Kyuna Dark Crusader Of Tymora

Res: Murray Blackstock Joker

VHC: Allan Swanley Srathbreich

Mid Limit Dog (2)

1: May Gemwell Tamdhu

2: Ness Florcott Young Pretender

Limit Dog  (10,3)

1: Justice Glynderys High’N Mighty  CC

2: Goerge-Plunkett  Carrochan Dunblane At Melkinmere

3: Johnston Rushgrove Winston Churchill

Res: Ness Florcott Young Pretender

VHC: Smith Glenkinchie Soul Train

Open Dog (7,1)

1: Hill Florcott Am Grantach  RCC

2: Harker Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Hernwood Crystal Graphite

3: Sandiford  Hernwood Crystal Dragon

Res: Allan  Swanley Srathtochty

VHC Cunningham Kalinish Celtic Hero Of Aonachdubh

Veteran Dog (3,1)

1: Green Southmead Celtic Shot

2: Cuningham  Wickenberry Picador Of Aonachdubh

Special Vintage Dog (3)

1. Harrison Paradice Coeur De Leon

2: McNeil Sh Ch Blackstock Thunder Of Barrabrae

3: Cunningham  Blackstock Hurricane Of Aonachdubh

Field Trial Dog (2,2)

Special Beginners Dog - no entries

Minor Puppy Bitch (4)

1: Backler Shehallion Spirit Of Light At Kalinish

2: Cornwall Northinch Northern Dancer

3: Tye  Tymora Winter Sunset

4: Moore Gadhelic Rainbow Zend

Puppy Bitch (7)

1:  Frost Benbuie Gee And Tee At Ghillbrae

2: Hall Melview Morgan Le Fay

3: Park & Hough Pepperline Dream Chaser

Res: Cornwall Northinch Belle Starr

VHC: Moore Gadhelic Rainbow Zend

Junior Bitch  (11,3)

1:  Sandiford Hernwood Dream Magic

2:  Pearce Lochview Holly

3:  Sinclair Hernwood Dream Melody Of Dalmaur

Res: Wood Melkinmere Bowscale

VHC: George-Plunkett Melkinmere Brandlehow

Special Yearling Bitch (8,1)

1: Cooper  Arborsette Magnola Coco

2: Wood Melkinmere Bowscale

3: Hope Gemwell Loch Dhu

Res: Vick Gemwell Dalaruan At Edensett

VHC: Clark Inkersall Skylark

Novice Bitch   (12)

1: Sandiford Hernwood Dream Magic

2: McFarlane  Dunfionn Hope

3: Hall Melview Morgan Le Fay

Res: McNeil  Barrabrae Inde

VHC: May  Gemwell Colchicus

Graduate Bitch  (10,2)

1:  Reid  Lourdace Caprice Of Diersett

2:  Cooper  Arborsette Magnola Coco

3: Bage  Laurelhach Unforgettable With Maymeral

Res:  Sinclair  Dondaig Limited Edition Of Dulmaur

VHC: Bell Blairbelles Jenny Wren

Post Graduate Bitch (18,1)

1:  Harrison Paradise Pure Fantasy

2:  Faulds  Shannas Disco Jive

3:  Warren  Blackstock Jade At Benbuie

Res:  Reid  Lourdace Caprice Of Diersett

VHC:  Marsh  Flaxheath Lochmarnie

Mid Limit Bitch (5)

1: Frew  Dunfionn Gigha

2: Cornwall  Dondaig Second Edition Of Northinch

3: Lomas  Gaidheal Sorrel

Res: Green Glenarden Gentle Freya

VHC: Allan  Swanley Srathisla

Limit Bitch  (17,2)

1:  Justice  Drumdarroch Jazz Dancer With Liric

2:  Moore Tanquerry The Vamp Of Gadhelic

3:  Green Balnakeil Cul Mor

Res:  Macara  Cromasaig Drams Daydreamer

VHC:  Hartley & Elliott Blackstock Lightning Of Arborsette

Open Bitch  (10)

1:  Backler  Sh Ch Kalinish Gaelic Success

2:  Frost  Sh Ch Benbuie Lovey Dovey At Ghillbrae

3: Macara  Drumrunie Union Pearl Of Cromsaig

Res:  Davis  Kalinish Gaelic Dream Of Shehallion

VHC:  Ackerley  Yennadon Kyrra

Veteran  Bitch(6,1)

1:  Park  Sh Carek Sno Lady At Ladysdale

2:  Green  Gaidieburn Raineach

3:  Wright  Blackstock Seyval

Res: Vick’  Gemwell Gemini

VHC : McNeil  Blackstock Damselfly Of Barrabrae

Special Vintage Bitch (2)

1: Cornwall  Northinch Musk Rose

2:  Murray Sh Ch Blackstock Mist

Field Trial Dog or Bitch : no entries

Special Beginners Bitch (1)

1: Clark  Inkersall Skylark

Brace (10)

1:  Green

2: Macara

3:  George-Plunkett

Res: Bell

VHC : Ness

Team (3,1)

1:  Green

2:  Harrison

Progeny (7)

1: Murray  Sh Ch Blackstock Mist

2: Cornwall  Northinch Musk Rose

3:  Hill Florcott Am Grantach

Res: Ness Florcott Young Pretender

VHC : Park Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Carek Sno Lady at Ladysdale

First Championship Show

Held at the Cochrane Hall, Alva

Saturday 1st May 1999

Judge : Miss Jane Osorn (Boyers)

Best In Show : Justice Glynderys High’N Mighty With Liric

Reserve Best In Show and Best Opposite Sex  :  Backler Sh Ch Kalinish Gaelic Success

Best Puppy : Scougall   Shannas Daimler